Cancer is a life changing disease which can cause uncertainty for the individual anc1.4 their family. Our team of oncology provides not only best treatment but also support and care to you and your family during your treatment and survivor ship. We help in improving the quality of life of who are experiencing serious life threatning illness or illness which limits activities of daily livings.

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Cardiac Anaesthesia

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"The practice of medicine dedicated to the relief of pain and total care of the surgical patient before, during and after surgery. The person who practice anesthesiology are called as Anesthesiologist. The anesthesiologist provides pain relief before, during and after surgery, but they also fulfill a number of other important roles. Anaesthesiology is a full service department that is available to respond to any surgical procedure, pain management, respiratory, cardiac arrest and obstetric coverage. Our primary goal is to provide the highest degree of care with primary emphasis on the patient’s safety and satisfaction. Our anaesthetic techniques cover the entire range of procedures to improve outcomes. Our timely and efficient care is engineered in ways to focus on the individual needs of the patient.

Before an operation, a patient will meet with the anesthesiologist for an evaluation. The anesthesiologist will make a plan for the operation that takes into account the individual needs of the patient. On the day of the operation, the anesthesiologist supervises the administration of medication so that the patient will not experience pain.

General anesthesia : The patient "goes to sleep" while the operation lasts.

Sedation : Intravenous drugs calm the patient or make them unaware of the procedure.

Regional anesthesia : Local anesthetic is injected near the nerves to numb the area that will be operated. These may be nerve blocks or spinal or epidural injections.

During the procedure, the surgeon carries out the surgical work, but the anesthesiologist will continue to be responsible for the medical management of the patient. They monitor the patient's bodily functions, assess the best way to treat the vital organs, and provide a balance of medications suited to the individual's needs. The functions they need to monitor include:

  • Heart rate and rhythm
  • Breathing
  • Blood pressure
  • Body temperature
  • Fluid balance

The anesthesiologist controls these vital measures and the patient's level of pain and unconsciousness throughout the operation.

After surgery : After the procedure, the anesthesiologist continues to be responsible for the patient's overall care. They will reverse the effects of the anesthesia and continue to evaluate the patient and keep them comfortable as they recover.
Anesthesiologists are also qualified to contribute to emergency medicine, providing airway and cardiac resuscitation and support and advanced life support, as well as pain control. They help stabilize patients and prepare them for surgery .

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