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At Baderia MetroPrime Hospital, our shared aspiration is to emerge as the exemplary medical institution in Central India, driven by a commitment to clinical excellence, patient-centricity,and superior service delivery.

Baderia MetroPrime Hospital has been unanimously selected by our collective workforce as one of the premier healthcare companies to collaborate with in Central India. For the past 15 years of our existence, we have consistently upheld a standard of equal opportunities for all.

To realize this vision, we acknowledge that our People play a pivotal role in delivering the highest level of care. Therefore, Baderia MetroPrime Hospital is dedicated to being an 'Employee Centric' organization, fostering a delightful work environment characterized by care and harmony among our staff. This approach is designed to attract the finest clinical and service professionals from across the country.

We strongly advocate for Equal Opportunity Employment, adhering to a selection process based solely on merit and free from biases related to caste, creed, religion, or color. Our emphasis on Employee Growth & Development is an integral aspect of our HR initiative,involving continuous monitoring and assessment of employee performances. Deserving individuals are duly acknowledged and rewarded, and regular training programs are implemented to facilitate ongoing professional growth and development for our employees.

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Job Title : Duty Doctor

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Qualification : BAMS/BHMS

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