Welcome to the ENT department at Baderia Metroprime Hospital, where our dedicated team of experienced surgeons is committed to providing exceptional care for a wide range of ear, nose, and throat issues. Our state-of-the-art facilities, available 24/7 for emergencies, ensure that you receive the highest quality services. We offer a comprehensive range of ENT healthcare solutions, including outpatient services. 

Our department conducts various common procedures such as tonsillectomy, septoplasty, polypectomy, tympanoplasty, transoral endoscopic adenoidectomy, and stapes surgery with a Leica microscope. Additionally, we specialize in advanced procedures like endoscopic repair of CSF rhinorrhea, functional endoscopic sinus surgery for fungal sinusitis, and endoscopic orbital decompression. 

Services provided by our ENT department include allergy testing, sleep study and surgery for snoring, hearing assessment, speech therapy, and cochlear implant surgery for the hearing impaired. We boast a cutting-edge Leica microscope with Halogen and Xenon light, Storz 00 and 450 nasal endoscope for functional endoscopic sinus surgery, and a 3-chip Storz camera with a high-resolution recording system, along with a facility for pure-tone audiograms. 

Our expert surgical team is highly skilled in micro-laryngeal surgery, thyroid surgery, rhinoplasty, and more. Whether it's routine or complex, we are dedicated to delivering the best possible care and treatment tailored to your needs. 

Contact us today to discover more about our services and schedule an appointment with one of our skilled ENT surgeons. Your health and well-being are our top priorities, and we look forward to assisting you in achieving optimal health. 

Conditions we treat include: 

These are just a few of the conditions we treat at our ENT department at Baderia Metroprime Hospital, where our experienced team provides compassionate and effective care to help patients achieve optimal health and well-being. 


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"सराहनीय ,स्तुत्य गुणवत्ता के साथ चिकित्सा कार्य में संलग्न सभी चिकित्सक व चिकित्साकर्मी साधुवाद के पात्र है। मानव सेवा में निरंतर प्रगति करे - सुधीर तिवारी , अध्यक्ष इंडियन मेडिकल एसोसिएशन ...."

"जैसी ख्याति ,वैसा व्यव्हार।


"जैसी ख्याति ,वैसा व्यव्हार। मेट्रो हॉस्पिटल को बहुत बहुत बधाई। स्वास्थ्य सेवाओ में आज जबलपुर में जो प्रगति हुई है ,इसमें एक बड़ा कारण मेट्रो हॉस्पिटल भी है - टी. के.आनंद, अधीक्षण यंत्री जे. डी. ए...."

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